Curriculum Innovation at KCD

This section of our website highlights some of the many innovative projects and programs that make our curriculum distinctive. More features will be added on a regular basis.

Eighth grade will launch new science curriculum next year

Next year, eighth grade science students will design a solar battery to power a model car, design and construct earthquake resistant structures, develop a plan for space colonization, and break dow

Robotics and programming to be core courses for grades six and seven

The Middle School has already established itself as an area leader in integrating technology into the curriculum.

KCD is laying foundation for STEAM program

Many of you may be familiar with STEM education, which provides an integrated, project-based approach to the fields

Americas Project will make curricular connections for seventh graders

When they return to school in January, seventh graders will begin the Americas Project, a new, interdisciplinary project connecting English and social studies.

KCD seen as model for academics, innovation

We are proud to report that KCD is increasingly attracting attention as a model for academic excellence.

Digital literacy class teaches 21st century skills

There are have been some exciting changes to the middle school curriculum this year.

Honors students present final projects

Last week, the students in KCD’s Upper School Honors Program presented their research projects to a jury of teachers and administrators.

Endangered Species Project connects students with wildlife experts

The Endangered Species Project is a major academic focus of the eighth grade year as well as an outstanding example of project-based learning at KCD.

Project-based learning in the biology classroom

In their guide to project-based learning, the Edutopia website argues that project-based learning allows students to co

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