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  • To instill in students the skills necessary for careful reading, thoughtful writing, insightful discussion, and close listening.
  • To help students acquire the knowledge, intellectual skills, and critical understanding of ideas that will allow them to understand an increasingly complex environment.
  • To prepares students for course work in English at the college level and for reading, writing, and thinking in their lives beyond college and graduate school.
  • To provide a writing-focused curriculum that allows students to explore their ideas in expository and creative writing.

US/LS Writing Workshop

Special features

  • A strong reading program that includes the fifth grade Battle of the Books program and  Middle School Reading Groups in grades 5-8.
  • A strong year-long focus on grammar and vocabulary in seventh grade.
  • An eighth grade interdisciplinary unit on Endangered Species that includes English, history, science, and computer science.
  • A student-led sixth grade writing conference in which students present their writing portfolio to their parents.
  • A summer reading list that combines assigned titles with student choice.
  • The option for students to use multimedia technologies as well as written essays as a response to classroom texts.

Book Club Skype Chat

Featured student work

Poetry video project

Upper school students in Anne Glosky’s Modernism class completed an assignment in which they they combined images and music to create a video to accompany a range of poems. Students were asked to choose images and music that conveyed the themes and tones of the poem, then used desktop video editing software to combine their images and music with the text of the poem. Students also submitted a written analysis of their project in which they explained how their choices were related to their poem’s literary techniques.

A playlist of some of these videos is embedded below. Mouseover the top of the player to see the poem's title. You may also visit the playlist page online at YouTube.