Fine Arts

KCD believes that the fine arts enrich the lives and academic experience of all our students. At every grade level, students participate in fine arts classes that encourage them to exercise their imagination and creativity while

  • mastering fundamental skills, tools, and techniques from a wide range of disciplines;
  • learning to appreciate and think critically about works from a variety of time periods and cultural perspectives;
  • understanding connections between the artistic disciplines and other academic subjects;
  • nurturing a lifelong love of creativity and self-expression.


At KCD, excellence means providing a full fine arts program for every student from junior kindergarten to twelfth grade. We offer a rich and diverse program in the arts because we believe that encouraging students to explore their imagination and creativity is a fundamental part of an exceptional education.


KCD students have many opportunities to explore their creativity through the arts. We begin with art and music in the Lower School, then expand those opportunities in the Middle and Upper Schools to include acting, play production, and choral and instrumental music. The Upper School arts program also includes an exciting and diverse set of electives that includes graphic design, photography, and ceramics.


Working together in a performing group or in a drama production provides yet another opportunity for students to build relationships with those who share a similar interest. The relationships formed through these experiences often last far beyond graduation.