Exploremore 2014 information

An info packet, class schedule, and a volunteer packet are attached at the bottom of this page.

What is Exploremore?

Exploremore is an incredible event sponsored by the Parent Association for the lower school. It is KCD’s version of field day, but it is not a traditional day of games and races. For Exploremore, children in Junior Kindergarten through fourth grade choose six different classes in which to participate.  A picnic lunch is held on the playground, and all parents are encouraged to attend (and they usually do). Younger siblings are invited to attend the picnic lunch only.

When does all this happen?

Exploremore will be held on Friday, May 15, 2015.  Your child will bring home a packet of Exploremore information on Thursday, March 12.  All forms are due back in the lower school office by Friday, March 20. Together, you and your child will fill out the course request form. You will fill out the volunteer form; the t-shirt and box lunch order form; and if you have a fourth grade student, the DVD order form. All forms should be returned to your child’s classroom teacher or Mrs. Hall in the Lower School office. Volunteers will receive their assignments a week prior to Exploremore. T-shirts are delivered the day before Exploremore. Student schedules are distributed the morning of Exploremore. Mark your calendars now and get ready to spend a wonderful and wacky day with your student(s) at KCD!

What are the classes?

The courses are a mixture of sports activities, crafts, non-traditional science, and just plain fun. The 2015 theme is Mission: Exploremore. Some of the class offerings are: Water Slide, Flag Football, Wacky Relays, Mighty Titans Obstacle Course, Tennis, Soccer, Kickball, Candy Creations, Makeup & Nails, Mystery Theatre with Stage One, Snap Circuit Science, Dad’s Construction Crew, Archery, Shrinky Dinks, and many more. Course Selection forms are attached below.

Who teaches the classes?

Another element making Exploremore so special is that all of the classes are led by parent volunteers—like you! Parents are given the opportunity to sign up for the classes that they are interested in teaching or assisting. No experience is necessary—just a commitment to spend the entire school day in the class to which you have been assigned.

Do I go to the classes with my children?

No! Parent volunteers stay in the class to which they are assigned. The children change classes and will see you when they take your class. You will also see them during our picnic lunch on the playground. We have a full team of security volunteers who help escort the kids to their different classes and parent volunteers take role at the beginning of each class.

Can I bring my younger children?

While younger siblings are invited to attend the picnic lunch, we do not have the space for them to participate in other activities of the day. Because this is a special day for KCD students, we request that parents make other arrangements for younger siblings while volunteering.

Do I have to volunteer?

It takes approximately 175 parent volunteers to handle 350 students in almost 30 classes taught across an 85-acre campus. The children look forward to having at least one parent somewhere on campus on Exploremore Day. Volunteer forms are distributed in your Exploremore packet which comes home with your child.  Every bit of help is appreciated, and it’s fun!

Do I bring my own picnic?

Lunch for KCD students will be provided by the school. Box lunches can be ordered for nonstudents (order forms will be included in the Exploremore packet and are also below). Of course, you are always welcome to bring your own lunch. Be sure to bring chairs and/or a tarp or blanket! In the event of rain, the picnic will take place in the back gym.

What do we wear?

Things can get really messy on Exploremore Day, so t-shirts and athletic shorts are best. Each year, the Exploremore Committee works hard to come up with a festive theme and design for the day. T-shirts and sack packs (to carry towels, clothes, and crafts) with the year’s design can be purchased for both students and volunteers. The order form will be included in the Exploremore packet and can be found below. Please adhere to our ordering deadlines as we do NOT order many extras. We don’t want your child to be left out!

How is Exploremore funded?

Exploremore is funded by the Parent Association. They spend the year hosting various fund-raising events, such as the Father-Daughter Dance to help support Exploremore. Funds are also raised from the sales of the t-shirts, sack packs, and adult box-lunches. We also receive donations from individuals and companies who help to make Exploremore a huge success!

Why is this day so special?

Exploremore is special for many reasons. First and foremost is the community created by the participation of so many parents. The children absolutely love to have their parents at school, even if they are not with them the entire day. Parents get to meet other parents and they get to meet other students and see them in action! Exploremore is a day of learning “outside the box” for all lower school students. The activities offered give the kids a chance to try something new or look at something “old” in a “new” way! It is also a celebration for the fourth grade students who will be moving on to Middle School. The day begins with an assembly to fire up the kids and to honor the “seniors” of the Lower School. The assembly features a video and special song performed by the fourth grade class. Fourth grade parents will not want to miss the show!

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