Middle School

The middle school curriculum strikes a balance between the acquisition of exceptional study and learning skills and the immersion in specific areas of study. Our grade-level faculty teams foster an interdisciplinary approach to both of these objectives.

The middle school years are crucial in the formation of young people’s perceptions about themselves and their world. Our goal is to create a secure learning environment that helps young people develop their academic talents and gain a sense of optimism about their own potential. We strive to create a school culture that fosters healthy adolescent growth.


We place great emphasis on building a sense of community among our students and teachers. Activities and programs stress constructive interaction among peers and performing service projects.

Advisor Program

Each student is a member of a small, 9-13 students, advisory group, which allows students to build a strong relationship with a teacher who serves as an advisor and mentor. Special Events/Programs are often incorporated into these special groups.

Life Skills

This program emphasizes issues relating to drug and alcohol education, self-esteem, decision-making, goal-setting, human sexuality, and peer relationships.

Endangered Species Project

This multidisciplinary eighth grade research project allows students to make connections between English, history, and science.

Service Learning Projects

All grade levels are involved in ongoing service projects throughout the year. Past projects have included:

5th Grade: Animal Rescue projects
6th Grade: Clay County Library book drive; renovations to Tom Sawyer State Park
7th Grade: Students sponsor several projects, including one benefiting Ronald McDonald House
8th Grade: Students participate in an environmental education project with curricular connections to American history.