New Middle School Student FAQ

The middle school experience is a gradual transition from childhood to adolescence. At KCD, we recognize that the middle school experience is not only unique and exciting but also a departure from the self-contained classroom enviroment of elementary school. Because the middle school program offers numerous and diverse opportunities in academics, athletics, and the arts, we have created this page to help parents navigate the many questions that arise as they prepare for the transition. Please keep in mind that all the information available in this site will be also be shared with students and families as part of the regular orientation process that takes place in the spring. Details about orientation will be announced to families in the spring.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to classroom teachers, who are Middle School Administration & Staff?

When will my student get a schedule, locker, and planner?

  • In early August, students will receive a schedule overview and locker assignment in the mail. A new copy of actual class schedules will be handed out the first day of school.
  • Lockers may be set up any time on the Wednesday before the start of school.
  • Organizational planners will be given out the first week of school.

When will I receive my child's advisor placement?

Your child’s schedule and advisor placement will be mailed home before the start of the year in August. All other important information can be found on the Back to School web page, which will be posted by the end of May.

How and when do I buy books and school supplies?

Textbooks are purchased through our MBS online bookstore, which will be ready to accept orders at the beginning of July. The MBS bookstore offers one-click ordering for all required textbooks.

All grade level supply lists will be posted on the Middle School Back to School page by the end of May. (See the KCD home page for the Back to School links.) Parents may either purchase supplies on their own or order them through the Parent Association. Information on the PA ordering process will be posted on the Middle School Back to School page by the end of May.

Where do I find out about the Chromebook program?

You can learn about our Chromebook program and the ordering process at our Google Chromebook website.

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How should I help my child organize her/his locker?

Students will have plenty of time to organize lockers on the day before the start of school as well as during the first weeks of school. All lockers will have a computer shelf installed at the top of each locker, which should remain completely free of books and supplies. Due to safety and fire code regulations, students may not decorate their lockers or purchase external locks. Lockers in the Middle and Upper School are “open” and do not require a combination. We ask that students use restraint when personalizing the inside of their lockers. Wallpaper, magnet mirrors, and organizers regularly jam lockers and cause delays between classes.

How does my student sign up for clubs and sports?

There will be an extracurricular assembly in the fall where students can learn about and sign up for the different clubs and enrichment opportunities throughout the day. Some past clubs have included: Glee Club, Competitive Speech Team, Drama Society, Sketch Club, Stitch for a Cause, Math Counts, Speech Team, Community Service Club, Student Government, Muslim Student Association, Fusion (Students of Color affinity group), Young Scientists, Board Game Club.

Information about MS sports teams and signups is posted here.

How does the elective process work?

Our goal is to provide as broad a range of electives as possible. Information about fine arts electives will be distributed to all students (including current fourth graders) in early May. Students use the elective selection form to indicate their preference(s) for each trimester. Preference in assignment is given to sixth and eighth graders.

How is information communicated in Middle School?

  • Most division communications occur online through the KCD website or by email.
  • Most information is communicated through weekly middle school FYI Online newsletter with grade level and division specific news.
  • Grade and homework information is communicated through each student’s MyBackPack account. Students will receive MyBackpack account information and training during the first few weeks of school.
  • Advisors and teachers are all accessible via email or voicemail if you need to contact them.

When are Parent/Director Meetings?

Meetings are scheduled on the same day each month. All parents are welcome to attend.
The format will be topic based with time to discuss division specific news and announcements.

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What is Middle School Parent Night Open House?

This is a chance to meet classroom teachers and find out about the specific curriculum, projects and grading procedures for each class. Once finalized, the date will be posted on our calendar and announced in FYI.

How do I sign my child in and out?

Parents need to come to the Main Office to sign students in or out of school for appointments. Students may not wait outside.

Where is the lost and found?

Books and school materials are kept in Mr. Ceaser’s office. Clothing and other items may be found in blue tubs in hallways or PE office.

How are medications handled?

Jill Owen, the school nurse, or Ms. Bennett can distribute pain medications only if we have a signed medical form on file. Contact Ms. Owen about prescriptions that need to be taken during the day. Students may not keep medication in their lockers.

When and how do students enter the building?

  • All middle school students should enter by the middle school office. You will not be able to enter the 5th/6th hallway once school begins.
  • Doors lock after 8:00 am and you will need to be buzzed in.
  • All parents and visitors must sign in at the Main Office and get a visitor’s pass.

How are homework and tests shared?

  • Homework will be posted online using My BackPack. All parents will receive an email with account information prior to the start of school. Students will be taught how to use this system during the first few weeks of school.
  • Students may still use their planners to record assignments, but the online system is an extra support tool and helpful for parents.
  • Grades will be posted online every two weeks.

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What if my child is sick?

Beyond one or two days:

  • Check online for homework.
  • Have a friend/sibling/neighbor bring home books.
  • Email the teachers

What is Utility Period and when can students get extra help?

Throughout the week, students have a study hall period called Utility to complete assignments or meet with teachers for extra help or extra practice after school and before school, students can arrange help sessions with teachers to receive extra help. Teachers are available in their classroom until at least 3:45 pm every day.

After school

  • All students must be in a supervised setting.
  • The library is open by appointment for academic work or study. Alll teachers are availalbe for extra help until 3:30 pm. 
  • Most athletic practices begin at 3:30 pm
  • Students not involved in another supervised activity who wish to stay in the building must sign up in advance for the Extended Day Program, which is available from 3:30–5:30 pm.

How does carpool work?

Morning Drop-Off: Middle school students may be dropped off anytime between 7:30‒8:00 am and enter the building using either the 5th/6th hallway or main middle school entrance. Students on athletic teams may choose to drop off equipment in the equipment shed before entering the building.The shed is located outside the gym doors closest to the Commons.

Afternoon Pick-Up: After school carpool begins at 3:05 pm outside of the middle school main office. Students not participating in sports or after school activities will be dismissed into the middle school courtyard to wait for pick-up. Because of the varying number of students who participate in after school sports and activities, the length of the carpool line will vary throughout the year; cars generally begin forming a line around 2:50 pm with pick-up rarely lasting beyond 3:30 pm. In case of rain, students will remain in the hallways or under cover outside the door to await their ride. All students awaiting carpool must be picked up by 3:30 pm.

A few simple rules will keep everything running smoothly:

  • Families with both middle and upper schoolers should pick up/drop off on the middle school side of the building.
  • Please pull to the right curb in the pickup area.
  • Please pull down as far as possible when dropping off or picking up.
  • Students must use the crosswalks at all times.