Upper School Laptop Program

KCD’s upper school laptop program includes students in grades 9–12. The objective of the program is to broaden the curriculum and prepare each student for university life, where technology will be commonplace. Each student in the Upper School brings a laptop computer to class each day, to send e-mail, transfer documents, and access the Internet via a campus-wide wireless network.

Laptop Program brochure (contains information about supported models, pricing, and support)

Freshman & New Student Summer Laptop Classes

All rising ninth graders and all new students to KCD upper school are required to attend one two-hour class in the summer before the start of school. All classes will be held in room 164 of the Upper School.

Mr. Basham is using SignUp Genius for registration this year. The registration link will be posted shortly.

  • Sign up for one class.
  • There is a limit of 15 per class.


Roger Basham, Laptop Coordinator & Technical Support: 814-4369 or ltc@kcd.org
Jim Conrey, Upper School Technology Coordinator: jim.conrey@kcd.org
Tim Rice, Director of Technology: 814-4366 or tim.rice@kcd.org

Standard vs. non-standard laptops

KCD-recommended (standard) systems are detailed below. Students who wish not to purchase one of these standard laptops may use their own laptops, but technical support for these non-standard laptops will be strictly limited. Additional troubleshooting performed on non-standard laptops is also subject to an additional fee structure.

Support for standard laptops

All KCD-recommended laptops will come with OpenOffice software and the latest system updates and anti-virus software. School-recommended laptops will have a software image made in the event that laptops need a reinstallation of software. These images will be kept on campus in a secure place. In addition, all school-recommended laptops come with an extended care warranty. All laptops covered under this warranty will be repaired without cost if a hardware malfunction occurs. Loaner laptops will be provided to the student in the event that a hardware or software issue cannot be resolved within a 10–15 minute diagnostic period.

Support for non-standard laptops

Students with PCs must have laptops running Windows 7 Pro or Vista Business (Vista Enterprise and Vista Ultimate are acceptable). XP Home and Vista Home will not work on the KCD network. Students with non-standard laptops will receive a one-time configuration session of 30 minutes or less and 10 minutes of troubleshooting for hardware or software problems. Students must demonstrate that Macintosh and/or Windows updates are being applied automatically. Students must allow the Laptop Coordinator (LTC) to install antivirus software and enable automatic virus definition updates. In addition, laptops must have OpenOffice installed. The family assumes the cost of all repairs, and the laptop loaner pool will not be available.

Standard systems

The two recommended Lenovo/IBM system(s) are enterprise (commercial quality) models with the addition of a couple of case options, comprehensive warranties, and combination CDR/DVD peripherals. Please remember that these recommended system(s) come with our full support, and a computer loaner pool will be available if there is any system problem. KCD in conjunction with MacAuthority has created a website to order Apple computers. The laptops come with a three-year warranty, but Apple does not offer accidental damage. However, an accidental damage policy is being negotiated with Service Net and MacAuthority to cover damage to laptops. This accidental damage police is mandatory; please see Mr. Basham for details on the additional cost.

Purchasing a laptop

Links for the purchase of KCD-recommended laptops can be found below. Make sure you read the information on this page carefully before purchasing. Lenovo/IBM buyers purchasing one of the recommended models can pay for their computer via credit card.

Purchase a PC laptop

Apple Buyers

Parents purchasing the recommended Apple model will be buying through the MacAuthority Web site custom built for KCD. The computer will be delivered to Roger Basham, laptop coordinator. The laptop will have all the software installed and set up for use. Parents and students will be notified when to pick up the laptop at KCD. On the MacAuthority Web site, an account will be set up by the purchaser and payment made by credit card to MacAuthority. Any accessories purchased through the site will also be delivered with the laptop to KCD and picked up when notified by the laptop coordinator.

Mac buyers purchasing one of the recommended Mac models can pay for their computer via credit card.

Purchase an Apple laptop