College Counseling

KCD’s college counseling program provides our families with individualized guidance and support throughout the process of choosing and applying to colleges. We understand that each family has unique concerns and expectations, and our counselors can help direct students to colleges and universities that are appropriate to their needs. KCD’s college counseling program is distinguished by a high level of individual attention, the experience and knowledge of its counselors, and the structured guidance that the counseling office provides to students.

  1. Individual attention. Our counselors meet individually with each student throughout the college search and admissions process. This individual attention means that our counselors get to know each student and are able to make recommendations based on his or her unique concerns and expectations. Experience. Our counselors have extensive experience in teaching, college admissions, financial aid, and athletic recruitment. Their in-depth knowledge of the admissions process provides students with invaluable insights into the admissions process, the application presentation and essay, the financial aid process, and more.
  2. Knowledge. Each of our counselors spends time each year visiting college campuses. This first-hand knowledge enables them not only to recommend a range of schools that may meet the student's individual needs, interests and abilities, but also to maintain strong relations with admissions officers at a variety of colleges and universities
  3. Structured guidance. Our counselors provide step-by-step guidance over the course of each student’s high school career. Students generally make their initial contact with our counselors to discuss course selections during their freshman and sophomore years. Every junior student meets a number of times with one or both of our counselors, and these contacts become much more frequent during the application period during the student’s senior year.