Honors Program

The Kentucky Country Day School Honors Program was designed by our faculty to serve the student who wants to broaden his or her education in exciting ways rarely offered in the high school setting. The Program offers the students an opportunity to explore their world critically.

The program has two basic “arms” to recognize different foci and strengths of our most gifted students. Echoing the school’s motto, students choose to be either “Exemplary Scholars” or “Exemplary Citizen/Stewards.” All students complete a minimum of seventy-five hours of community service (fifty of which are with one organization); write a twenty- to thirty-page paper describing an independently-designed year-long project; deliver a short summary of their research and service to peers and a jury; and take a two-year, six-trimester course exploring various aspects of human thought.

All participants take the six-trimester “Humanities” sequence; these courses are separate from graduation requirements in other academic departments. The courses in the humanities sequence are as follows:

  1. Philosophy and Ethics: Surveys crucial developments in Western epistemology, ontology, and ethics from Pre-Socratics to Postmodernism
  2. Philanthropy: A nationally recognized course introduces students to philanthropy by having them shepherd an actual philanthropic organization (The Artemis Foundation)
  3. Theology and Cosmology: Surveys world’s major religions, including, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and certain Native American religions
  4. Art and Aesthetics: Studies how different cultures and artistic schools have approached questions such as “what is art?” and “what is beauty?”)
  5. Science and Truth: Explores epistemology, especially the historically bound connections between empiricism, logic, and truth
  6. Modern Cultural Criticism: Examines modern theories of language and culture such as deconstruction, feminism, and Marxism

More detail on the honors program can be found here.

2014 Honors Theses

Each year, the honors program culminates in a these and presentation. Last year's theses are attached below.

Alternative_Medicine.pdf281.98 KB
Anime_and_the_West.pdf711.61 KB
Colony_Collapse_Disorder.pdf381.46 KB
Culture_and_Pain.pdf1.12 MB
Genius_and_Mental_Illness.pdf169.39 KB
Human_Trafficking.pdf978.91 KB
Proportional_Representation.pdf163.54 KB
Myth_and_Culture.pdf255.46 KB
Rap_and_Society.pdf114.57 KB
Sibling_Birth_Order.pdf823.8 KB
South_African_Democracy.pdf1.15 MB