KCD student group makes first trip to China

We are excited to announce KCD has sent our first student delegation to our sister city of Jiujiang, China. A group of KCD upper school students traveled to Jiujiang in June and spent two weeks visiting several schools as well as local and national landmarks such as the Great Wall of China.

The student delegation was led by Larry Cooper and LuAnn Hayes, both of whom had visited Jiujiang in the summer of 2010 in order to lay the groundwork for a sister school relationship. KCD welcomed its first group of students and teachers from Jiujiang in February of 2011.

Jiujiang Trip 2011

The group had eight days of homestays with students from Tong Wen School and also visited several other schools. During their visits, our students had many opportunities to interact with their Chinese peers through classes, games, and other activities such as calligraphy and bead stringing.

While in China, the group had many other unique cultural experiences, including a Tai Chi lesson in Shanghai and hiking Mount Lushan in Jiujiang. One of the group's favorite experiences was hiking the Great Wall in Beijing and sleeping in tents at its base! The students were truly immersed in the Chinese culture as they traveled across the countryside by train, plane, bus, and even a ferry boat.

Senior Kelli Huneke characterized her experience as life changing. “The China trip was the most spiritual, eye opening experience of a lifetime,” she said. “Dancing and singing in a classroom with people I had just met made me realize that even though their culture is different, they are just like you and me.”

Jiujiang Trip 2011

This is KCD's first trip to China, and there are plans to make future trips on a regular basis. We are very excited to have taken the first steps in building a sister school relationship similar to the successful programs we have established with schools in Tamale, Ghana, and La Plata, Argentina.

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